Why One Must Solve Practice Papers Regularly

Practice papers or sample papers are the major and vital tools in the learning process. The study won’t be complete if one does not solve a few practice papers before the examination. It is a resource that covers the whole study material for learners. It is considered that practice papers develop confidence amongst the learners, and enable them to perform well in the tests. Regular practice of solving a few papers during the study schedule aids the learner in brushing up on the concepts that have been studied. It also yields a good method of knowing where exactly one is lagging, and in which part of the lesson needs more attention. In this article, we will throw light on why one must solve practice papers regularly.

Best Learning Tool

The practise test is one of the best ways of learning. Instead of restudying and revising the concepts over and over again, one can take a practice test of a specific topic and recall the topics that have been studied. Students can solve a few maths questions from the chapters which they studied earlier and know the score based on the solved practice papers. This gives an idea to the students whether to continue with the same chapter that has been learnt earlier or move on to other chapters. Students get a crystal clear idea about their study practice and also understand which topics are to be reconsidered. A quick revision of the chapters can be done just by solving a few papers.

Gives an Idea on Marking Scheme

Sample papers, in other words, practice papers are based on the real paper format of the final examination. The marking scheme helps students to know which chapter has more weightage and which one has less. This aids in exam preparation as one can spend the study time based on the marks that are allotted to each chapter. Important concepts and chapters can be focused more. Chapter or lesson wise marks distribution can be understood by the student. In short, the blueprint of the final examination pattern is explained in the sample papers and one can easily identify the lessons to be improved during studies.

Ultimate Source of Questions

One can get varieties of questions on all headings such as multiple-choice, short answer, true or false and long answers. Every practice paper has a few sets of new questions that are picked in between the lines from the textbook. These questions check the in-depth knowledge about the concepts studied and based on the question, one can evaluate where they stand in understanding the lessons.  Practising a number of new questions helps the students to get a grip on the subject. Indirect or twisted questions from the sample papers enable the students to boost their confidence levels.

Time Management during the Exam

Time management plays a key role in the examination. Some students find it difficult to finish the exam on time due to insufficient planning. When one is aware of the exam pattern, time management becomes a piece of cake. Students tend to divide time depending on their writing skills and their knowledge. One will know how much should be written for short and long answer type questions. For instance, while solving english q&a, questions such as essays and letter writing need more time than comprehension and grammar questions.

Overall Development

Practice papers help in the overall development of students in academics. By solving practice papers, one will understand the concepts thoroughly, improve their writing skills, aid in time management skills, and also give a quick revision of the subject. On the other hand, the overall development that is needed in academics is brought together by solving these kinds of papers.

Reduces the Fear of Examination

Upon repeated solving of different sample papers, one feels confident. A student will feel energised and curious to solve more. This helps to reduce the fear of examination. When the fear is reduced, each student will have a positive feeling and perform well in the test. In return, one will score high and move towards academic excellence. The fear of facing an examination is totally reduced and it boosts the confidence to write the end examination with full zest and enthusiasm.

Practice papers are study tools as well as a key for the overall development of the student. Solving these papers after every chapter, once a month helps to recall the concepts studied. It will also help students to know what types of questions will be asked and how much time one must spend on them. Solving these papers will definitely help the student in many ways. One must make a study routine in such a  way that a specific time slot is allotted for solving papers of every subject or at least one subject once a week.