Hari Raya Hampers Bind The Goodness Of Nuts

Festive Surprise

What’s the best way to nourish yourselves after a day of fast? Nuts and dried fruit are always handy and extremely nutritious, always available to fulfill the need. The sumptuous feast at this festive season demands the goodness of these assortments, and Humming enterprises are always at your service.

Get the best gifts for your loved ones

With a twist in the gifts, they are launching special Hari Raya Hampers of naturally selected, variety of nuts in budget-friendly offers. Choice of assortments is the customer’s choice to the warmth of their heart. Internationally available dry-fruits can also be procured. Both gift hampers and individual orders come with exciting discounts for early orders.

Their Mission

Established and well connected in Singapore, Humming also has reached wide overseas, with a flourishing trade in many countries. The budget-friendly and specially curated gifts have increased their popularity and brought them closer to people. They follow the vision to fulfill the needs of customers, satisfying them with contempt hearts.

Over a decade, since 2007, Humming Flowers and Gifts has been a worthy companion to the splendid dinner spread with assorted nuts and dry fruits, enriching the taste of every dish on the table.