Are you a woodworking beginner and want to build something new? Here are some DIY woodworking projects you can accomplish without requiring too many woodworking skills.

A wall shelf

Making a wall shelf is a great woodworking idea for beginners. You can create wooden shelves for storage in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living room. Identify the size of a shelf you want before ordering the brackets. You need the wood, which can be some pallets, a drill, brackets, handsaw, wood screws, and sandpaper. The brackets support the shelf in place, and you can use an L, Z, or J bracket. The only intricate step is measuring and cutting the pallets, where you can use a Sawzall. The other steps include screwing the pieces together, sanding, and polishing for the final look.

Wooden doormat

You can use wood scraps or pallets to make a wooden mat for your house, which is a great addition, especially during the rainy and snowy seasons. You can use a CNC machine to engrave the word welcome on the wood to make it stylish and functional. With a wooden doormat, you don’t have to deal with soggy doormats during the rainy seasons.


You can create a candle holder out of scrap wood as long as you sand it well to even out the surfaces. By recycling an old chunk of wood, you can come up with a rustic-looking candle holder. Measure the candle circles and drill them into the wood so that the candles can sink into the holder. Then stain it for a smooth finish.

Wooden chopping board

Creating a wooden chopping board is a favorite DIY woodwork project for beginners. All you need is the wood, a saw for cutting the wood into the desired dimension, a sanding block, and a clear finish. If you will use wood glue, ensure it is water-resistant to prevent damage due to regular cleaning. Ensure you sand the chopping board well and apply the clear finish for a protective layer.

A wall planter

You can install a wooden wall planter on your doorway for that fresh feeling. Like a shelf, identify the size you need, measure the wood and cut according to the desired dimensions. This multipurpose project can give you a wall planter, a decorative item, or a place to indicate your address. It can also allow you an opportunity to try your power tools, such as an engraving tool.

Bird feeder

If you have trees around your backyard and love the chirping of birds, you can create a wooden bird feeder to keep them coming back. It is a great woodworking project for a beginner since it challenges your cutting precision and assembling abilities. Since you will hang it outside, it can also be a great way to know if that type of wood is quality for outdoor woodworking projects.

Wine rack

If you are a wine person, you want to start your woodworking with a simple wine rack or holder. It doesn’t have to be complex; just a simple one would do for a beginner.

The final words

You can compare various online woodworking guides to find the simplest ones.