6 Amazing Number Learning Activities for Kids

Learning numbers is the first introduction to math for little kids. Building a strong number sense is an extremely important part of a child’s early education. We use numbers for a variety of tasks in our everyday lives. We need numbers to tell the time of the day, to measure, to count money, to find the date in the calendar, cook, bake, call someone etc.

But teaching numbers to little kids can be a difficult task. They can sometimes get confused with the sequence of numbers or the quantity that each number represents. The easiest way to help children learn numbers is through fun, hands-on activities and games. These games and activities keep the children engaged in the learning process and help them commit the information to their memory as well.

Here are 6 amazing hands-on learning activities to help your child learn the numbers. Along with number recognition skills, these activities will also help them learn basic math concepts like counting, addition, odd and even numbers etc. These activities will also give children a positive math learning experience, which enhances their curiosity and helps them learn to love numbers and math.

6 Activities to Help Kids Learn the Numbers

  1. Number Hopscotch: Kids love playing hopscotch, so use this to your advantage and teach them numbers. Draw a hopscotch grid on the floor and write the numbers from 1 to 10 inside the boxes. Give the child a tile and ask them to throw it into the grid. Then ask them to call out the number in the box the tile lands in before they hop into the box. Continue the game until the child can easily recognize the numbers from 1 to 10.
  2. Number Worksheets: Worksheets are a great way to help kids learn and remember the numbers. Hand your child worksheets for each number like number 1 worksheets to help them learn to identify the numbers. These worksheets will also help children understand the quantity that each number represents.
  3. Odd and Even Number Sorting: Another important math concept that kids need to learn about is odd and even numbers. Help your little ones learn about odd and even numbers using a fun game of sorting. Place some number blocks in front of your child along with two large boxes. Label one box as odd and the other as even. Ask the children to sort the odd numbers into the box labeled odd and the even numbers into the box labeled even. If you don’t have number blocks you can also do the activity with flashcards.
  4. Counting with Petals: A very important part of early math learning for kids is counting. Once your child can recognize numbers and know the quantities that numbers represent, teach them how to count. Using manipulatives is an easy and fun way to help children learn to count. Flower petals are a great tool to help kids learn counting. Hand kids a flower and ask them to count as they pluck petals off the flower.
  5. Tracing and Coloring Pages: Kids love drawing, scribbling, tracing and coloring. So, help your kids learn to write the numbers using tracing and coloring pages. For example, tracing number 3 worksheets is one of the easiest ways to help children learn how to write the number 3. These coloring pages not only boost their number recognition skills, but also help them learn how to count too.
  6. Toss a Dice and Write: Dice are generally used to play board games, but you can also use them to learn math too. Ask your child to toss a dice and call out the number aloud and then write the number. For example, if the dice shows three dots, call out 3 and write the number 3.