5 Tips for Engagement Ring Shopping

Need the perfect ‘forever sparkler’ but not sure how to get going? You need an engagement ring shopping plan. 

Finding the perfect ring for your future wife or husband is a big job — but it doesn’t have to be a tough one. Check out these five top tips on tracking down the ideal engagement ring and take the stress and time out of the quest.

Plan to browse

Be prepared to shop around if you want to get that flawless ring at a good price. There are plenty of retailers that you can visit before homing in on a final decision, as well as places online like https://www.whiteflash.com/engagement-rings/tacori/. Plus, you might spot a design you never considered at a price you thought wouldn’t be possible!

Make sure you only consider buying from dealers that are accredited to ensure you get a quality product with a decent return policy. Also, get your future spouse’s exact measurements so you’re armed with all the info you need to buy something perfect.

Make a budget and stick to it 

According to a recent survey, the average couple spends about £2,800 on an engagement ring. But, this figure doesn’t suit everyone. Work out how much you can afford and stick to this cost. Not only will this save unnecessary spending, but it’ll also help you eliminate designs that fall out of this price range and make finding the perfect ring easier.

Keep the ‘rock’ in mind 

Do you have a clear idea of the stone you want? This is likely to be the first aspect of the engagement ring that your partner notices, so it’s important to get it right.

Are you going for a traditional diamond or another type of precious stone? If its diamond, think about the ‘four Cs’ (cut, clarity, color, and carat) and work out what you want from each category. This will help you focus on a smaller selection of options. Don’t forget:

  • Cut: includes the stone’s facets and angles which affect its ‘sparkle’ level.
  • Clarity: refers to the number of blemishes on your chosen stone.
  • Color: how ‘colorless’ it is.
  • Carat: the weight of the stone that plays a big part in its final price.

What metal are you going for?

There are plenty of metal choices on the market, which means it’s good to have a vague idea at least regarding what you’re after.

One of the most popular is gold, which could be because you have lots of color options including white, rose and yellow. How about platinum? It’s durable and a top hypoallergenic choice if your partner has sensitive skin. Also, if they like different and quirky jewelry, palladium is slightly grayer than platinum or you could opt for a band made from recycled metal.

Will it go with the wedding ring? 

Don’t make the rookie mistake of not considering how well your engagement ring will complement the wedding band. Many of us choose to carry on wearing our engagement rings after the big day. So, will your final choice look just as dazzling?

Now you’re ready to track down that perfect ring for that special question.