4 Tips for Customizing Your Pet’s Photobook

Did you know that you can also create custom photo books for your pets, the same way you do it for family, friends, or colleagues? Whether you are a dog person or adore cats, you can also create fun memories of them since they are part of your family. As a beginner, you likely wonder how to create standalone animal portraits or an all-family photobook with your pet included. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Arrange their photos chronologically

From the first time you held your furry friend as a kitten or puppy, taking photos of them shows how much you cherished their milestones. Since pets grow up way too fast, it would be best to take pictures of them weekly or monthly. You do not have to wait until they become fully grown adults or parents to do it. Start by customizing their photobook with their names on the cover. From there, you can add their latest photos.

  1. Use their photos to depict their personalities

What made you fall in love with your paw-friend? Could it be the softness of their fur? Whatever your reasons for choosing your pet over others, photo books can help you portray their personalities. Nowadays, pets can play “catch” or dance to music as long as you train them. If their sleeping positions are what inspire you, take a photo of them. Remember, your creativity is your highest selling point. The more you customize their photobooks in different positions, locations, and moods, the better story you will live to tell.

  1. It is okay to sneak them in your family photo

Think of when you were cleaning your yard, and your pet could not wait to join you. They were either barking or basking in the sun. Their ability to stay by your side no matter where you are or what you do is what makes a photo session more memorable. So even if you were caught unaware, take advantage of the situation and ask someone to take your pictures. The more unique your pet’s photobook is, the more you appear as more creative.

The whole point about using Mixbook’s motifs, layouts, and other editing tools is to accentuate your workpiece. Whatever editing element you choose, ensure it looks wholly unique. Sometimes, it does not hurt to use the continuous shooting mode of your camera to capture a series of activities. That way, your pictures will be more striking.

  1. Create a photo book to mark their birthdays

Considering how fast time flies, it is a matter of time before your buddy hits their first, second or third birthday. What better way to show how much you value their company than with a photobook? Assuming you have already compiled pictures of their milestones, now is the right time to add their birthday photos on the last page

Are you ready to customize your pet’s photobook?

Your pet is just like any other family member. For this reason, creating a photo book is a reminder of how much you value their presence in your life. To get started, contact the Mixbook customer support team today.